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Pinyin4j is a Java library supporting convertion between Chinese characters and most popular Pinyin systems. Moreover, the output format of pinyin could be customized.
Pinyin4j.Net use C# 2.0 language development.
Pinyin4j是一提供中文字符转化成多种可定制拼音系统的类库,Pinyin4j.Net是其在.Net 2.0 平台的实现.

Convert Chinese (both Simplified and Tranditional) to most popular pinyin systems. Supporting pinyin system are listed below.

Hanyu Pinyin 汉语拼音
Tongyong Pinyin 通用拼音
Wade-Giles 威妥玛拼音
MPS2 (Mandarin Phonetic Symbols II) 国语注音符号第二式
Yale Romanization 耶鲁罗马化拼音
Gwoyeu Romatzyh国语国语罗马化拼音

Support multiple pronounciations of a single Chinese character. For example, taking the Chinese character '和' as input, you will get eight Hanyu Pinyin results (hé hè huó huò huo hāi he hú), depeding on different contexts.
Multiple options for output format (details can be found here)

All uppercase or lowercase
Can output Unicode ü or v or u:
With tone numbers (lü3) or tone marks (lǚ) or without tone (lü)
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